Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Vault has moved

Wow!! Much has happened since my last transmission. The Vault has moved, and more vinyl has been added!! It's been two long years, so it would be criminal to not include at least one new venomous addition. here is goes!!!! The mighty.........

Abigail/ Syphilitic Vaginas split - Rescued From Life records

This record is a behemoth, a monstrosity, a hulking mass of eternal darkness!!!
Listen, or be left behind. This is the soundtrack to Satanic Ritual Abuse. Lock up your
daughters, and load up the shotgun. This BEAST is planning to destroy everything in its

I had to hunt for this record for what seemed like ages, but was probably only 4 months.
When you're after something this evil, you want it NOW NOW NOW!! So, after searching for it
4000 years I finally found it thru-

The cover is insane, the music is madness, and the Syphilitic Vaginas side slays, rips, n shreds.
I suggest you hunt this gem down on vinyl!!

if ya need a quick fix-

Bow unto The Devil!! Time for me to eat some sushi........

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fifth Vipers & Vinyl Mission. Drawings From Da' Vault #1

This is the first Installment of Drawings from Da' Vault-
This infernal creature was drawn by me today.

Drew it while listening to Venom- At War With Satan (Combat Records) MX8031

All drawings posted here are influenced by a particular LP from the vault's vastness.

Venom rules.

The Fourth Vipers & Vinyl Mission. Hell Awaits...Whiskey, Grass, and Lewd Acts ahead

Slayer 666 Hell Awaits $$$ Metal Blade Records MX8020 666

One of the Holy Relics in the Vault. Treasured, Awed, and Utterly Devastating. Slayer's Hell Awaits, is the soundtrack to the Satanic Hysteria Ritual Abuse soaked 80's. This LP makes the
walls bleed. It is the only record that calls to me deep in my dreams. I can hear it whispering "play me, play me, play me" over and over. If you don't own this, you need to.

Everybody always hails Reign In Blood blah blah blah; this is the Slayer album Belial blasts in his domain. The Dark Lord is probably rocking out to this unholy gem as this black ritual is being written.

From the first track 'Hell Awaits', this release punishes the listener. Each attack more lethal than
the last. Every track kills. The Metal Blade pressing is loud as hell, crisp as fuck. Grab your chalk, draw a pentagram on the floor, put on Hell Awaits. Stare at the album cover, study the
demonic forms. By the time you get to Crypts Of Eternity your soul will be forever damned.

The pictures of Slayer partying on the record sleeve are enough to make you wanna fire up the
time machine and set the controls for 1984. Hell Awaits and Show No Mercy will hack up your eardrums and spit them down, down, down, into the fiery Ninth Circle of Hades. Hail and Kill.

All Tracks on this release will possess you. Eternal Thanks Mr. Araya, Mr. King, Mr. Hanneman,
and Mr. Fuckin' Dave Lombardo.

Purchased at Armageddon Records sometime in 2002. Thanks Ben.
Go buy choice cuts from Ben. He's da' MAN...

***There is a Powell Peralta- Wade Speyer skateboard deck with the Hell Awaits graphic.
It came in slick and wood models. It was released in the early 90's. Will trade money or LP's
for this skateboard in any condition****

Directing Power Forcibly
The Fire Of Hell Is Cast
Resurrect From Crypts Of Death
A Demon From The Past

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Third Vipers and Vinyl Mission. Cro-Mags Attack Squadron

Cro-Mags- Best Wishes -Profile Records Inc. Pro-1274

This album cover kills. Hands Down one of the greatest images ever put on a vinyl record.

The music on this LP is equally as ferocious as the image on the sleeve. Cro-Mags sound harder in 1989, than half the shit being released these days.

The movie Maniac is also playing while this album is on. Both of these pieces of classic brutality go quite well together. The part where Tom Savini blows his own head off is currently coming up onscreen. If you've never seen Maniac, go see that shit. It has become a favorite here in da' Vault.

The image at the top of this post is from Savini's blood drenched scene in Maniac.

Crush The Demoniac the first song on Side Two is capable of putting a smile on any headbanger's mug. This album may cause the listener to strike out, jump up, and destroy small objects around them. There are flashy riffs all over this release, frontman and bassist Harley Flanagen spits out every verse with spite. The bass on this vinyl release, punches.
In fact the production overall is excellent and all aspects are crisp.

There really wasn't a very good image on the web for this release.
In the future,there will be scans and better pics of the actual releases when time permits.
Some bloggers provide you with actuals rips of the release. Since Vinyl is the foundation of Vipers & Vinyl, hunting for these gems is encouraged. If you don't have a record player then grab an MP3......

This LP was purchased at Salvation Army on 46th in NYC. Thanks to Paul Baphomet and Leslie for the tip. Trekked up there in the pouring rain on a Saturday morning and Holy Sheep Shit, was it worth it. Thanks again Paul and Leslie!

The deity on the album cover slashing the dude to ribbons is Narasimha, fourth incarnation of Vishnu.

Rippers on this release
Side One-
Death Camps
Days Of Confusion
Down, but not Dead

Side Two-
Crush The Demoniac
Age Of Quarrel

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Second Vipers and Vinyl Mission. Black Sabbath Baphomet

Black Sabbath-Sabotage (0698 Warner Bros. 1975)

It's 4:20 in the vault, Black Sabbath's monumental Sabotage is blaring. Turning the volume higher....

The First Vipers and Vinyl Mission. Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed!

Turbonegro-Darkness Forever (Blitzcore BC 1715) Indigo records Made in Germany

Vipers & Vinyl kicks off the new year in style! This is the first LP on our mission to shatter your
eardrums, and enhance your music library. Are you ready for some darkness?

All albums posted in Vipers & Vinyl are from Spunkspurter's Violent Vinyl Vault. There really is no method to the Vinyl madness. All genres will be represented, and all albums will be from Da' Vault.

They will be played at maximum volume deep in our cavernous headquarters, while info and thoughts about the record will be provided for your pleasure. If you are curious about a selection use the information superhighway and rock the fuck out!!

Maybe you will even search high and low for the original vinyl or just grab an available MP3. Either way, support the music makers and expand your audio horizons in 2009 and beyond!

Turbonegro. Loved and Hated Worldwide this release of their live shows is a great compilation. Maybe not the best starting point for the first time Turbonegro listener, but if you can sing the words to these songs and are ready for some muthafuckin' darkness this release is essential.

This album was originally purchased at Armageddon Records in Providence, RI and I remember Ben had the poster hanging on his wall at th shop. Every visit to the shop the poster would taunt me. The artwork reminded me of a pinball machine backglass and just screamed Deathpunk, especially the clown and Tiger.

This release has such classics as Back to Dungaree High, Don't Say Motherfucker Motherfucker, Get It On, and Zillion Dollar Sadist. All these tracks were recorded in Hamburg on May 10th 1998 at what was then billed "the last Turbonegro show ever".

Luckily this band didn't stay split up and came back to record their masterpiece Scandanavian Leather. Darkness Forever was during the all or nothing Apocalypse Dudes days. Side A and Side B are the standouts on this double LP. Sides C and D kick ass but the first LP will bring out your inner Denim Demon.

Stay Tuned for more madness......